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I Was To Buy a Wi-Fi / 4g Data Blocker Jammer So I Can Prevent This From Being A Constant Issue

Bluetooth speaker Jammer

Hi there,

I have really antisocial neighbours who are making my life hell.. they play metal music until 2am all summer long in their garden (under my bedroom window) and no matter how many times I ask them not to they ignore me. I was to buy a Wi-Fi / 4G data jammer so I can prevent this from being a constant issue.

Can you help me? If so, how much would one cost? Is it hard to set up.. and do you need range information before you can advise me?

They use an iPad to play music they don’t use a speaker

It’s right under my window, Like 5 metres below, But ideally would cover the garden perimeter …

But they could also have data .. I’m not sure

I am on the first floor, they are on the ground floor. I live in in a Victorian masonette; they live in the flat downstairs, i live in the flat upstairs. I guess I was thinking I could put the blockers on the terrace.. they are right below.

Can it be used remotely? – Smart plug? / Via Alexa

Will it be okay through glass at a distance?

Delivered to Ireland?

Can we put it on a tripod?

Can we return it?